North County San Diego

Thousands of people participated in the Women’s March North County San Diego in conjunction with marches held around the country and around the world reacting to fears about what may happen with the Trump administration, his new cabinet and the Republican congress. They expressed concerns about women’s reproductive rights, healthcare, immigrants’ rights, the environment and more. The march went from the San Marcos Civic Center to the Palomar College campus where there was a rally with speakers as well as booths for various political organizations. January 21, 2017. Joe Dusel Photographer.

North County women have mobilized, organized and led for many years; but since January 2017 and the attendance of almost 10,000 women at North County Women’s March a strong wave of grassroots organizing has emerged surrounding women’s issues and rights. Join us this year as we call to action ALL NORTH COUNTY SAN DIEGO women in reclaiming our power with:

  • Our Voice
  • Our Rights
  • Our Justice
  • Our Safety

Be informed and inspired by the next year of activism as we make our vote known 49th and 50th Congressional Districts and beyond. There will be female speakers from across North County San Diego, music and information tables.

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